One of TRILL QUÍMICA'S principles is the quality of its products that pass through rigorous tests in order to check the quality of each production by careful analysis. We have a professional management with more than 30 years of experience in the market.

Founded in early 2004 to act as a service provider, TRILL QUÍMICA, in the second half of the same year, started to distribute products aimed at the paints, varnishes and plastics segments, also aiming to supply the needs of the small and medium volume markets.

From 2018, we became authorized distributors of Elkem products and we are also resellers of Basf and Aggrium products.

Since the beginning of its activities, TRILL QUÍMICA has focused on flexibility, efficiency and quality of products and services, characteristics that drove its success and boosted the company's growth through new partnerships.

TRILL QUÍMICA knows that credibility is achieved on a daily basis. For this reason, its constant commitment is to improve services, product quality and customer satisfaction, always acting with transparency to earn the trust of its partners.

Located in Brazil, we are willing to assist companies and projects active throughout the national and international territory. We are committed to doing a good job with our environment and providing great service, always aiming for the success and growth of our clients' projects.


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Leave the bureaucratic process to us. We store, split and ship your product to the entire world so that your company can focus on your main objective.

Chemical Reactors
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We have several modern equipment in our production line, which guarantee the quality of our products.

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Trill Química is a company that values ​​sustainability. Our discards are made in a controlled and certified manner without harming the environment.


Logo Elkem

Authorized Distributor

Release Coating

Tin System

Platinum System

Water Based System

Less Solvent Base System

UV Base System

Logo Basf


Resale of Basf products on request

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Additives for PVC and other plastics

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Polyisobutene - PIB 30

Others products on request


oil platform

Oilfield and Mining

High performance and environmentally friendly products for lubricant formulations.

Special line of innovative products for use in well drilling and oil extraction, increasing process efficiencies.

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plastic bottles


One of the main challenges of the technology used for plastics production is to meet the current requirements regarding environmental protection. With that in mind, our line of special additives based on natural oils and fats, fatty acids, glycerin and methyl esters, are innovative products that meet the highest requirements of quality controls and the commitment to provide sustainable solutions to the final product.

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Women wearing leather shoes and bags


Leather is a natural product that requires particularities resulting from the creation of animals and the process of industrialization of the same.

The objective is to provide specific and unpublished products, concentrates, compounds, greasing bases, emulsifiers and phenolic resin, meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

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adhesive tapes

Release Coating

They are silicones for release in papers and films, it is divided into a wide range of products such as Tin System, Platinum, Water Base, Less Solvent and UV System (Cationic and Free Radical).

The release coating line has a high standard of quality, versatility and technology for modern applications, helping to optimize your product and process.

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Basf Logo

Basf Products

It offers a wide variety of surfactants that are used daily, according to the wishes and demands of our customers. Aiming to facilitate production processes, reduce complexity, prioritizes safety and quality of the final product.

Serving in a sustainable and efficient way.

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softener powder


They are widely used in conjunction with other products to provide increased solubility, foam stability and in some cases thickening of the system. They are used in formulations to reduce the cloud point and are used to form a rich and stable foam.

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Paint buckets

Paints and Varnishes

Chemical additives are essential for the production of paints and varnishes, contributing to their special characteristics and properties, helping the formation of paint or varnish, promoting greater resistance, hardness and adhesion.

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Production line yarns in a textile industry


Special, sustainable, high quality and performance products that operate in the countless varieties of characteristics that the textile industry demands.

They are products that provide softness, a pleasant touch, do not alter the solidity and give the substrate a soft and smooth touch, that provide solutions and efficiency for our customers, ensuring a finish different from conventional ones.

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Trill Química has modern equipment such as powder mixers, liquid mixers, mills and multi-purpose reactor for reactions, such as esterification, amidation and transterification, among others.

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